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Michael Nicolson Author

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Michael Nicolson is a successful author. He lives in a small town in Cambridgeshire with his wife and son. His two daughters still live in London. His books are all available on Amazon and Waterstones. All are available in print and digital form worldwide, and in local library



Book Reviews  

Abora Invasion Earth  

A humanoid looking race of aliens arrives on Earth seeking sanctuary. Their homeworld is dying. The British Prime Minister of the year 2070 decides to allow a settlement in the Highlands of Scotland. These humanoid looking aliens are like Nephilim giants from biblical myth. Some of the aliens have more sinister requirements. Much to the dismay of most alien settlers and completely unacceptable to the local population. Instead of looking at the sheep and cattle as livestock some of the aliens see the smaller humans as a source of protein. Then a second ship is detected with more alien visitors. Aliens with chimera-like DNA mixtures.

'Alexander the Great' Vampire

Set in London and Edinburgh during the swinging sixties year of 1967. The grand Vampire Alexander the Great and Pharaoh Cleopatra have a Cavan of undead followers and human servants. The story starts with a young Scottish girl arriving in London and getting into the swing of things during the sixties. Of course, she meets and attains things beyond her expectations. The whole story is like one of those Hammer House Horror/Thriller stories. We have the Vampires and the special police unit formed to confront the celestial beings with the help of a female Van Helsing descendant. There are some great action sequences all working towards a great climax.

Book Reviews  

Karla Warrior Princess

A fast paced dramatic tale with an array of memorable characters, not the least of whom is Karla, the heroine and the central character of the novel. The writing carries you along, making it difficult to take your eyes off the page. An exciting, action-filled book.

My name is Michael Donald Nicolson. I was born in Glasgow in 1948 One of seven children sharing a single end flat in Govan. We were very poor and things were tough. I managed to get to Shawlands Academy when I was eleven as a select top boy. The education was very good but I didn't fit in. I live in Cambridgeshire with my wife and son.

All of my novels have received five star reviews

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