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Born in Govan Glasgow in 1948 One of seven children from a poor working class family, from an early age he was marked as someone with a very high intelligence and regularly finished top of his class at school. He was selected to go to Shawlands Academy a very select school in Glasgow where he excelled at maths and Art. Needing money to buy nice clothes and go out and enjoy life he left school at fifteen.To the disappointment of his maths and art teacher. Recently retired he lives in a small town called March in Cambridgeshire with his wife and son. His two beautiful daughters live in London.

Abora Invasion Earth

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When Alexander the Great had conquered the world, at the tender age of 23, he was the young king of Macedonia, leader of the Greeks, overlord of Asia Minor and pharaoh of Egypt. He then became King of Persia at the age of 25. After he had left Egypt, Achilles found Cleopatra and turned her into a vampire. They followed him to Babylon, and as he laid in his bed, weak with sickness, Achilles came to him and turned him into a vampire. Over the centuries he wandered with Cleopatra and Achilles, building a new following of vampires. While they were in Austria during the second world war, Hitler sent a team of vampire hunters to find them, he wanted to use them to create an army of the undead. The battle was fierce, only Alexander, Achilles, Cleopatra and a handful of his followers escaped. He went to England, Achilles did not come with him, he said he was going to America. Now Alexander and Cleopatra were in London, building a new clan of modern powerful vampires, it was 1967 The era of free love, hippies and modern vampire clans.

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Karla Warrior Princess

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When the United Kingdom was suffering many deaths from the coronavirus, in 2020. One man was more worried about global warming. He realized that the planet would be destroyed in twenty years, if no action was taken. His name was Robert Andrews. He was a billionaire, scientist and inventor. In the early stages of the pandemic he was contacted by a young Chinese girl. Her name was Chunhua. She had helped China distribute the virus. He met her, and accepted the vaccine. Later he created a new virus. To wipe out China, stop global warming. He was insane. But like all men who were insane, he meant well. What he did was intolerable, the outcome devastating.

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