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Painting in acrylic and oils then digitally re-mastering images to create stunning modern images for sale

Born in Govan Glasgow in 1948 One of seven children from a poor working class family, from an early age he was marked as someone with a very high intelligence and regularly finished top of his class at school. He was selected to go to Shawlands Academy a very select school in Glasgow where he excelled at maths and Art, at the age of fourteen he was sent to the National Gallery in London to enter a painting competition, he did not win and felt disappointed and gave up painting and drawing for some years to come. Needing money to buy nice clothes and go out and enjoy life he left school at fifteen , to the disappointment of his maths and art teacher. After he left school he worked in a meat factory and although the work was mundane the pay was high and he soon developed a better standard of fitness. The full story can be read in his autobiography rockyboy2 The Quest for the Million

2018 is here what’s up?

Christmas has been and gone a good time was had by all now the new year beckons time to finish my new novel.

I cant wait for the new series of Game of thrones series eight, series seven complete.  Who will sit on the Iron Throne? I think it will be John Snow along with Daenerys Targaryen,  who I think he will marry and have an heir to the throne. The new series will not be shown until 2009 The excitement is building I have watched all the episodes to date twice and will probably watch the whole series again. Will they build a huge weapon to kill the dragon that has been turned into an undead monster?

The Nicolson's are a big family with lots of tradition, our tartan the nicolson tartan is shown above. Donald Nicolson was from the Isle of Sky and met his wife Caroline Buchanan Nicolson in Glasgow. They had seven children four boys and three girls.

A published author Michael Donald Nicolson is working on a new novel titled 2085 The Last Days on Earth ? After the success of his first novel rockyboy2 The Quest for the Million became a sensation when first published in 2008. It tells the story of how drink and gambling nearly destroyed him and his family. The autobiographical novel is both sad and very funny. From his early years growing up in a tenement slum in Glasgow, his move to London in the swinging sixties through his turbulent first marriage and the roller coaster of life in London, the gangs, the girls. Available on Amazon and Lulu and all leading bookstores the book can easily be found by searching on Google for rockyboy2 the quest for the million.

A photo of Michael aged 19

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