Michael Nicolson

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The Don rockyboy2

Famous Nicolson's

Jamie Nicolson

Australian amateur boxing champion

Skye Nicolson

Ladies Australian amateur boxing champion and Gold medal winner

in the 2018 Commonwealth Games

2018 What’s New?

A photo of Michael aged 19

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Nicolson Tartan

My new novel has been published, titled Rockyboy2  The Quest to Save the World

You can purchase or view a preview at my Writers Page on Amazon  CLICK HERE

The story is about two people who fall in love, one is a Christian the other is a Muslim. Their child is special and sets out to Save the World.

The release of my new novel.

The story of how two people from different ethnic backgrounds meet and fall in love.  How their son helps change the World for the better. Mainly set in Cambridgeshire, the action moves around the World at a fast pace.

The Nicolson's are a big family with lots of tradition, we have our own tartan the nicolson tartan.  My late father. Donald Nicolson was from the Isle of Sky and met his wife Caroline Buchanan Nicolson in Glasgow. They had seven children four boys and three girls.

Michael Nicolson is an artist and writer.  He lives in a small town in Cambridgeshire with his wife and son.  His new book is gaining in popularity and is an exciting story based in the area where he lives.  The hero of the book is a handsome multi millionaire called Henry.  His father is killed by terrorists and he sets out for revenge.  Then he falls in love with a Muslim girl.  He realizes that love can bring new hope to the World.  He will do anything to protect his new found love from her two evil brothers who are trying to find her and kill her.  The story is set in the future and begins in 2041 when he meets Mary for the first time.