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Born in Govan Glasgow in 1948 One of seven children from a poor working class family, from an early age he was marked as someone with a very high intelligence and regularly finished top of his class at school. He was selected to go to Shawlands Academy a very select school in Glasgow where he excelled at maths and Art, at the age of fourteen he was sent to the National Gallery in London to enter a painting competition. He did not win and felt disappointed and gave up painting and drawing for some years to come. Needing money to buy nice clothes and go out and enjoy life he left school at fifteen.To the disappointment of his maths and art teacher. After he left school he worked in a meat factory and although the work was mundane the pay was high and he soon developed a better standard of fitness.

The Nicolson's are a big family with lots of tradition. My father Donald Nicolson was from the Isle of Sky and met his wife Caroline Buchanan Nicolson in Glasgow. They had seven children four boys and three girls. I miss my elder brother Neil.

A published author Michael Donald Nicolson has two books published this year.

Rockyboy2 The Quest to Save the World

This the story of two people from different ethnic backgrounds who find each other. The year they meet is 2041.  The planet is dying through pollution and climate change. The oceans are completely contaminated with plastic waste.  Islamic terrorism is widespread. People are afraid to go to crowded places anymore, in case they are blown to bits by suicide bombers. The NHS has reached breaking point through lack of funding and staff shortages, sick people are dying.  The world desperately needs a new leader to take humanity to a safer better place, create a better world. Will Henrys love for Mary bring them a special child, that can one day rescue the planet, or is it too late?

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Based on a true story, the book is about Johnny Buchan, his poor upbringing on the mean streets of Glasgow. His adventures in London, his broken marriages.  His first love betrays him.  He searches the world looking for a new love to ease the pain in his broken heart.

His addiction to sex gets him into many situations that are both funny and sad. Till he finds his first love again he will never be happy. You will love him or hate him, but you will never forget him. One interesting funny story after another, you will be laughing out loud one moment, crying the next.